Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A New Calendar!

Part of each day in my classroom will be dedicated to Morning Meeting. Thanks to some helpful colleagues, I have a fantastic SmartBoard Morning Meeting series to go through with the kids each day. But I still thought it was important to display the calendar up on the wall as well. We’ll be using the SmartBoard so often during the day, I know the kids will need to, and should be, viewing the calendar more than just in the mornings.

I found this calendar idea from the Lesson Plan Diva (AMAZING blog!) and absolutely fell in love! What a genius idea to put your morning meeting items on rings to create mini flip books! Not only does it give you extra room on your board and keeps all of your materials together, but the kids can actually remove the pieces from the board and flip through the months, day of the week, etc., for constant practice!

For my board, I really only wanted to display the Month, Day, Year, Day of the Week, Yesterday Was, and Tomorrow Will Be. As I had already purchased this classroom design bundle from the Clutter-Free Classroom, I thought it would be easiest for me to just create my own!

I took one of the name plate labels from the kit, made a template in word to match the size of the name plates, and printed out the days of the week, months, and year. I purchased these binder rings from staples to create the flipbooks, and my work was done!

Well, almost.

Although I LOVE my kit from the Clutter-Free Classroom, there was not a label included in the kit that I wanted to use for my calendar numbers. I’m being supper matchy-matchy with my board, and I had a particular vision in mind!

So, I created my own calendar numbers to match my new classroom palette of beach colors! Although I am not as computer savvy as some of my blogger friends and the items they are able to create, I thought this wasn’t bad at all for my first shot at creating! It certainly does the trick for me! I also plan on using some of these numbers to show the periods in our class schedule on the board as well!

Click HERE to download your own!

And let me know what you think!

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